Changchun Optical Precision Machinery and Physics Institute of Purchasing EMC EMC military standard laboratory project through a public tender, we Beijing Yi Muke Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid in the fierce competition! This is a turnkey laboratories, including all instrument configuration 5-meter anechoic chamber, shielded test chamber, as well as the military standard GJB151 / 152 project as specified in 18 standard test project. Ai Muke company as the winner, on the one hand the need for the light construction machines anechoic chamber, while the instrument configuration to complete all the 18 test items, delivery and commissioning! Ai Muke company through the construction of nearly a year of construction, the entire project was successfully completed and delivered Party used in the end of 2013, the project passed the military standard third-party acceptance testing.

Shaanxi large aviation industry reverberation chamber



Changchun Optical Precision Machinery and Physics Institute


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