Darkroom is mainly used for radiated emission and radiated susceptibility testing standards compliance test environment to test telecommunications, multimedia, home appliances, automotive components, engineering health care, information technology (ITE) and other equipment to meet China, Europe, the United States and countries the international standards.

  • 10msemianechoicchamber
  • 5msemianechoicchamber
  • 3msemianechoicchamber
  • MicrowaveAnechoicchamber
  • Movabletestchamber
  • Cispr25
  • Shieldedroom
  • EMCT-10 is a semi-anechoic chamber designed in accordance with the test distance 10m, including the main anechoic chamber, shielding control room and amplifier room (optional conduction test shielding room) for compatible radiation immunity test(in 3m distance) and radiation emission test in 10m or 3m distance.

    Our 10m chamber can comply with the mandatory regulation contained in the following standards, such as CISPR, EN, IEC and GB, GJB, FCC。

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