Company profile

EMC TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE a professional electronic products and high-tech company EMC reliability analysis, design and testing; anechoic chamber is one of the famous professional manufacturer in the world. 2005 became the ISO14000 certification. The company is committed to provide users with a full range of EMC solutions, always a first time to feel the pulse of the latest developments in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, always leading and master EMC forefront of the core technology, to provide users with first-class electronic products electromagnetic compatibility design, analysis, testing and installation services. anechoic chamber with a wealth of design and manufacturing experience. The average annual production of more than 100 sets of design anechoic chamber, reverberation chambers, shielded rooms and EMC test chambers, and its high efficiency, high-performance design, manufacture and installation services in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and enjoys in North America, Europe and China and other countries and regions a high reputation in the United States, Germany, South Korea and other countries, has a strong sales, technical development, production, service, and many other advantages.    

EMC TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE provide direct, fast and high level of technical support and service for Chinese users. Electromagnetic compatibility plays an increasingly important role in the life cycle of electronic products, but EMC design, analysis, testing and management is very complex. Thus, the integrated application of various techniques for technical performance and indicators of electronic products design and analysis is essential. Our goal is to provide a full range of solutions for high-quality electronic products and system design and testing.    

The company has been committed to new equipment, new equipment and new software development. Company's products to professional, high availability anchored from theoretical design of electronic products, performance analysis to product prototype debugging, troubleshooting, and standards for testing of the final product and so can provide the appropriate tools and instruments. The company entered the Chinese market over the years, always practicing the "uncompromising attention to quality and excellence" business philosophy. With a good reputation, quality of service, performance products to win the trust of the majority of Chinese users. So far, in many fields of aviation, aerospace, information industry, steel industry, shipbuilding industry, universities, Academy of Sciences, telecommunications and a large domestic private enterprises, joint ventures, factories, research institutes and other customers and our good cooperation. EMC technology companies by the construction of anechoic chamber works and equipment provided by professional bodies to test and run in full compliance with the technical standards and customer requirements, with world-class quality standards darkroom.   

We are committed to always uphold the sincere and pragmatic attitude and crafted the concept, with our first-class products, advanced technology, equipment and services for the development of customer products, developed to provide strong technical support and the most valuable, The most reliable technical support and product experience, to provide users with a full range of EMC solutions.

EMC's mission 

" Uncompromising attention to quality and excellence" to provide advisory services for users . Leading EMC promotion and development of technology .

EMC's comprehensive advisory services     

 Professional technical support is an important factor in EMC 's success , the company established a high- quality team of professionals to provide users of its services in the industry enjoyed a high reputation. Users can obtain comprehensive and thoughtful EMC company and a high level of support and services by telephone, fax , e-mail and other means.

EMC's mainstream products 

APSIM: Powerful, distinctive, with a variety of analysis tools (signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility, power integrity), as soon as possible to help users find and solve board-level circuit potential EMI problems. Mainly used for quality PCB board was very comprehensive and accurate detection and analysis and design optimization. 

SIA Signal Integrity Analyzer: Signal integrity standard-setter! It uses a unique "twin-engine" technology and a variety of patented algorithms can accurately measure the high-speed signal integrity, is the only one available for the individual components of jitter and jitter accurate quantitative measurement and analysis instruments; 

EMC pre-test diagnostics, troubleshooting tools Group: Complete kit, to pinpoint the source of the problem or qualitative electromagnetic compatibility, user-friendly troubleshooting and reasonably intuitive EMC design to help engineers to give specific solutions; 

Standard test equipment: EMC offers a full range of standard test equipment, in full compliance with the military (GJB151 / 152A, MIL-STD-461) and civil (EN / IEC, FCC, CISPR) requires EMC testing standards; 

Construction of a variety of laboratory environments EMC: According to various EMC environmental standards, undertake electromagnetic compatibility laboratory environment design, construction work. In the domestic construction of a large number of standard high-quality anechoic chamber, and have the ability to design and build experiments such as reverberation chambers and other special environment.