In today's electronic product design, the importance of pre-design of increasingly prominent, whether it is product manager, or engineering and technical staff are eager to find some simulation tools for early prediction of electromagnetic compatibility, analysis, evaluation, simulation and design, in order to speed up the design process, saving a lot of money and improve product quality. Apsim is a professional simulation and analysis tools on the signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility analysis has obvious advantages, but powerful, distinctive, with a variety of analysis tools to help users early identification and resolution of potential EMI problems and then to ensure the normal operation of the circuit.


    • Apsim SI

      Signal integrity simulation tool can calculate the impact of their interactions used in the design of the physical characteristics of each component and electrical characteristics, it can automatically extract and build the model wiring from the PCB design, and provides the tools for the actual design operation produces dynamic characterization.

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    • Apsim DELTA-I

      Power integrity simulation tools before PCB making can be on the ground level plane, the capacitance value, the capacitor placement, capacitor types to assess accurately and quickly to a very large and complex to simulate the PCB impedance versus frequency.

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    • EMI analysis tools

      EMC analysis tools include four tools were used in different situations: ApsimRADIA-WB, applied before routing EMI analysis; ApsimRADIA applied EMC / EMI radiated noise simulation; ApsimOMNI applied to the signal and ground / power plane analysis; ApsimRPATH Applications analysis on EMI return path.

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    • Apsim SPE

      General simulation tools simple electromagnetic model together every stage can not always produce correct results, it is because the coupling between each stage are ignored. ApsimSPE by using a common database (AAIF) electromagnetic model (AAIF file) each stage together, and give full consideration to the coupling between, then this unified data simulation.

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    • Apsim ZoDisplay

      ApsimZoDisplay analysis directly from CAD layout complex designs, and consider the impact of incomplete ground plane brought. It can quickly calculate the common mode or differential mode impedance, and establish a cut caused by incomplete due to electric plane models, the results show the color table also allows us to quickly identify impedance discontinuities.

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