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Shaanxi large aviation industry reverberation chamber

Select a Shaanxi Institute of Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd. for the construction of Beijing Ai Muke domestic first meet DO160-20 standard reverberation chamber laboratory! The lab will be used for aircraft parts DO160 standard test. Ai Muke company responsible for design and construction of the installation reverberation chamber, all the test equipment, installation and commissioning test cables, as well as performance measurement reverberation chamber debugging. Project at the end of 2013 to complete construction and commissioning. DO160 aviation standards for electromagnetic compatibility, which provides specific requirements for immunity testing, including interference test items continuous wave and pulsed wave and ultra interference field strength test tasks. The project to fill the gaps in DO160 standard Chinese and the aviation industry within the reverberation chamber testing. At present, the project has to be put into formal testing.