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Jiangsu Institute of Standardization

Jiangsu Institute of Standardization through government tender selected our Beijing Yi Muke Technology Co., Ltd. for the construction of a multi-purpose 3-meter EMC anechoic chamber, the lab is a multi-purpose laboratory can be converted, on the one hand as a standard EMC anechoic chamber will be used for general needs of household electrical appliances, industrial appliances, IT products, such as testing, on the other hand in the darkroom to a fully anechoic chamber, you can test for WiFi and RFID mandate. As versatile anechoic chamber, we will provide a special design elements, enabling customers to use the conversion functions. To prevent humid climate laboratory in Nanjing, absorbing polystyrene wedge materials, environmental protection and long warranty (35 years), low maintenance costs. At this point, we Yi Muke Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has become the largest supplier of anechoic chamber. The project is expected to be completed in October 2014 the construction of the construction.