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Precipitation spirit spiritual feast

In order to reward the hard work of all employees of the company's 2013 annual pay, but also to celebrate the company's highly successful year, the Board of Directors decided to Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Yi Muke, the staff organized company with their families to go to Europe, Italy, France and Switzerland day Trip, so that we have the opportunity to put down the work, out of the country, feel the different regions of the customs and cultural heritage.

From March 28, 2014 to April 8 opening, the staff enjoy and experience the heart of the holiday, and the line and entertainment! Along the way, happy, relaxed, laughter is always with us. During colleagues help each other, care for each other, increasing the chance of communication, by nearly the feelings of each other. When abroad enjoy the majestic mountains and rivers, let us also eased the pressure, an increase of knowledge.

Travel back, all staff with greater enthusiasm, plenty of energy into work, for the company's further development and growth and make greater contribution.