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Beijing Yi Muke Ltd. 2013--2014 annual awards ceremony concluded

March 31, 2014, Beijing Ai Muke Technology Co., Ltd. 2013 - - FY2014 Annual Meeting was held in the Jade Palace, company leaders and heads of departments and staff together to share the annual festival.

The annual meeting chaired by the general manager Wang Lan, company leaders made in 2013 a comprehensive summary report summarizes both work experience and experience in 2013, also pointed out that the work of the problems and shortcomings. Finally, clear the company's 2014 annual development ideas for the new year to do the task of planning and deployment.

The person in charge of various departments and staff representatives to actively speak, for the long-term development of the new year to complete the task and the company's suggestions. In 2013 the company made an outstanding contribution in recognition of outstanding employees table. And thus stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees, the company called on all colleagues to learn from them. Looking to the future, we are full of confidence, we are full of hope.