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China CNR Green Engineering International Standards

By the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Ai Muke construction of China CNR Corporation Limited Dalian Electric Traction R & D center EMC test equipment -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber, and start building in March 2014, at Ai Muke companies participating in the construction of all staff solidarity, fight hard, after four months, the project was finally June 30, 2014 final acceptance. China North Vehicle units and department heads, representatives of quality control unit, and use of representatives and the relevant departments and personnel on-site inspection. In acceptance of the scene, the use of units and quality inspection departments, and performance testing unit for the construction achievements of our company gave a high evaluation, truly a project quality and efficiency, customer satisfaction, adhere to the scientific management and people-oriented management of the core.

China CNR Corporation Limited Dalian Electric Traction R & D center EMC test equipment -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber, carrying the future EMU, traction and control project experimental task, is a national key experimental base, therefore, Beijing Ai Muke Engineering Technology Co., from the project beginning in strict accordance with the requirements of the company and the construction unit, strict implementation of quality and technical standards stipulated in the contract, which calls for the completion of construction projects on time and within the time limit under the premise of ensuring the quality of the provisions of the contract. China CNR EMC test equipment -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber large quantities, all kinds of many processes, while construction interspersed with check handling, fire safety and other aspects of construction materials, coordination and cooperation, therefore, Operations Coordination very difficult.

When construction began, the civil aspects of the actual situation and our construction plans and construction requirements are quite different, resulting in pre-construction increased the difficulty and behind schedule, it is a severe test of the schedule requirements. During construction, our engineering department works constantly to overcome the many challenges, increasing investment in human, material and various machinery and equipment, through the development of a detailed construction schedule, conduct daily on-site communication and coordination, scientific organization, careful planning, overcome the unfavorable factors, the joint efforts of engineering and construction personnel leadership, and finally the end of June efficient and quality completion of the construction of all projects.

CNR four months of EMC test equipment -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber construction, to China CNR Corporation Limited Dalian Electric Traction R & D Center EMU and locomotive traction with the State Key Laboratory of CNR base brings more great faith. Upon acceptance, the SASAC and other relevant units and Southeast Asian countries, the relevant departments dedicated to visit, Dalian TV media, including a number of special reports. Company leaders and all the staff, said: The riding this wave, sail down a project. No matter how much pressure is facing, we must unite as one, forge ahead, develop CNR project indomitable fighting spirit, well-organized, scientific construction, in the field of electromagnetic compatibility banner put up more, Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will eventually become Ai Muke EMC darkroom international and domestic leader in the field of construction.

After construction is completed, the Austrian company ARC site calibration measurement test site for measurement inspection, 10 m test distance of 5 meters in diameter quiet zone, NSA than 3.0dB; space voltage standing wave ratio is better than 5.5dB; FU than 6dB; the technical indicators are the domestic leading similar projects.

Construction features of the 10 m method anechoic chamber works include:

1. Using double masts towers

2. Bridge uses the overweight warning system

3. In order to beautiful, dark room filled with a high design and construction of the laying

4. Floor reflection surface of stainless steel construction, load capacity of 13 tons

5. The high-voltage high-current converter testing requires large filter support

6. In order to meet the access to large motorcycle parts, design and construction of a wide screen door, width 4.8 m

7. For testing, prevention of oil and other locomotive components volatile gases, non-sponge absorbing materials darkroom