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Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Materials Trading Group successfully completed 10 meters anechoic chamber

Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Yi Muke by the construction of the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Materials Trading Group Co., Ltd. EMC test equipment -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber, and in March 2014 to start building, all company personnel Participation in Amke solidarity, fight hard, after six months, and finally September 30, 2014 final acceptance. China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute related departments, quality representatives, and use the on-site inspection representatives. in acceptance of the scene, the use of units and Shanghai to build electrical equipment detected by the results of our company have a high evaluation, quality did high standards and strict requirements. This is my company both China CNR Corporation Limited Dalian Electric Traction EMC test equipment R & D center -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber after the completion of another has reached the international level of 10 meters semi-anechoic chamber. ,

Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. supplies Trade EMC test equipment -10-meter semi-anechoic chamber, the ship carrying the next move, traction and control project experimental task, Beijing Ai Muke Engineering Technology Co., decided the construction of the project from the beginning in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction unit, the strict implementation of the contract, the project quality and technical standards to ensure strict, while the deadline stipulated in the contract to complete the construction on time. During construction, our engineering department works constantly to overcome the many challenges, increase investment in human, material and various machinery and equipment, to develop a detailed construction schedule, conduct daily on-site communication and coordination, scientific organization, careful planning, to overcome all sorts of unfavorable factors, with the joint efforts of engineering and construction personnel leadership, finally completed all construction in September.

The darkroom has the following characteristics:

1. Using double masts towers

2 .. darkroom using absorbing material and high-paved white reflector designed to improve performance while absorbing darkroom increased aesthetics.

3. Floor reflecting surface made of galvanized steel, load capacity of 40,000 tons.

4. In order to meet the test of ship parts, this 10-meter chamber for the first time DMAS HT65H and HT45 non-sponge absorbing material, the dark outside dimensions remain unchanged, the net gain greater interior space.

5. The darkroom four side walls close to the ground for the first time at the absorber slope lay program to make darkroom more outstanding performance.


After construction is completed, the Shanghai electrical equipment detected by the field test site calibration measurement metering acceptance, the biaxial test distance of 10 m 4 m diameter quiet zone, NSA than 3.0dB; space voltage standing wave ratio is better than 10 m test distance 5.5dB; FU than 80Hz-6GBHz; various technical indicators have reached the customer requirements, is the leading domestic similar projects darkroom.