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Ai Muke Technology Corporation 2014 grand opening of the annual session

Ai Muke Technology Group Company Annual Conference on April 1, 2015 - 2 was held in Beijing's Zhongguancun Crowne Plaza Hotel. Group chairman Chen law, Miss Wang Lan, general manager, deputy general manager of Chen Xin and company staff participated in the annual meeting.

In the past year, the basic completion of the company's performance targets, employee motivation growing, more professional team is gradually forming, which are inseparable from the company leadership, management team and all the staff of hard work and dedication.

Company's performance over the past year in their respective positions on the outstanding employees were commended, Miss Wang Lan, general manager announced the winners always "excellent staff" and put a prize awarded. Company employees also award outstanding employees give the most sincere congratulations and warmest applause.

During the meeting in the course of dinner, we celebrated the success of toast, a profound reflection on the defeat. Common expect in the coming year can be a new starting point to have a more brilliant performance, the performance over the past year on the basis of a qualitative leap. In laughter will enter in the end, all employees will be more responsible, more sense of responsibility into the next year's work, with a thankful heart, united, progressive, hard work, achieve better results!