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Reverberation chamber

Reverberation chamber can be used for radiated immunity testing, but can also make use of reverberation chamber radiated disturbance tests, making the reverberation chamber get more attention, in motor vehicles and parts, heavy electrical systems, especially military electronics applications and other areas are increasingly widespread.


International Electrotechnical Commission IEC61000-4-21, the US military standard MIL-STD-461, General Motors GM9120P, the American Automobile Manufacturers Association SAEJ1113 / 27, aviation radio committee DO160F, and CISPR standards have been prescribed the use of reverberation chamber methods radiated immunity testing, but can also make use of reverberation chamber radiated disturbance tests, making the reverberation chamber get more attention, in motor vehicles and parts, heavy electrical systems, especially the application of military electronics and other fields increasingly widespread.

Product composition

Reverberation chamber is a special experimental system, which consists of a special shield, high Q factor reflecting surface, a stirrer, a radio frequency signal source, radio frequency power amplifiers, transmit and receive antennas, and power and field strength monitoring equipment, receiver, test and calibration software and other components.

My company built reverberation chamber with high intensity shielding to ensure that the reverberation chamber during powerful blender running, long-term stable shield and shield with high shielding effectiveness for high field strength test; use High Q factor RF reflective material; the use of large-diameter double folding comb stirrer system can greatly improve efficiency. Stirrer speed can be adjusted independently, maximum speed 30RPM; the use of low-power radio frequency signals may have a greater field strength; anti-high-field ability of CCTV surveillance systems (greater than 1000V / m); the test frequency range and reverberation chamber size, the type blender, I recommend using a frequency reverberation chamber 80MHz-18GHz (expandable to 40GHz).

The multiple reflection reverberation chamber antenna RF waves stirred by a stirrer and internal reflection surface, resulting in a uniform field strength of a strong dynamic in the effective area of the shield test for radiated immunity testing provides the most overall most economical solution.

Reverberation chamber for complete vehicles, tanks, aircraft, aerospace equipment, weapons, radar and other large electrical equipment of RF immunity testing. Reverberation chamber generates a random, dynamic, full of interference field strength, simulated equipment in the actual work environment, any interference, anti-interference ability to test real devices. Generally, there are two test modes: Mode-tuned and Mode-stirred. Where Mode-tuned: the test is stepping blender, and Mode-stirred: When testing stirrer 360 degree continuous rotation.

The main technical indicators reverberation chamber comprises an effective performance space available, the average field strength and peak, uniformity, frequency range, efficiency factor, effective design and simulation technology will change exponentially reverberation chamber.


Reverberation chamber in motor vehicles and parts, heavy electrical systems, especially the application of military electronics and other fields has been extensive.