Product Details


Apsim ZoDisplay

ApsimZoDisplay analysis directly from CAD layout complex designs, and consider the impact of incomplete ground plane brought. It can quickly calculate the common mode or differential mode impedance, and establish a cut caused by incomplete due to electric plane models, the results show the color table also allows us to quickly identify impedance discontinuities.

Product Overview

Designed for high-speed signal, the impedance discontinuities cause problems signal integrity and electromagnetic radiation. PCB, complex IC design and package layout makes the analysis of these issues into the tedious task.

ApsimZoDisplay largest simplify this task, it analyzes directly from CAD layout complex designs, and consider the impact of incomplete ground plane brought. ApsimZoDisplay can quickly calculate the common mode or differential mode impedance, and establish a cut caused by incomplete due to electric plane models, the results show the color table can also enable us to quickly identify impedance discontinuities.

Product Features

• automatic conversion of the original layout analysis

• common mode and differential mode impedance of quick calculation and simulation

• continuous ground plane is not brought quickly calculate impedance discontinuities simulation

• You can define their own parameters of the transmission line

• Dual display window contrast


ApsimZoDisplay can select and ApsimSPICE, ApsimRLGC and ApsimIBIS_Translator with the use, it has the ability to analyze all signal integrity.