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Apsim FDTD

Apsim FDTD

To discover early in the design and development, understanding and correcting
electromagnetic radiation is very important. The traditional electromagnetic
simulation tools are static or similar static TEM analysis. However,
frequency becomes higher , TEM method can not accurately calculate parasitic
electromagnetic field propagation ( such as secondary field , three games
etc.) , but these parasitic field just seriously affect circuit delay
crosstalk . Because the operating frequency increases ,

Product Features

• the use of "finite difference time domain" algorithm three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field simulator.

• accurate simulation of two, three games, accurate calculation of the diffusion field skin effect, dielectric leakage, the feedback current.

• the output at any position in the field as a function of time, current and voltage • accurate calculation method is very suitable for high frequency PCB board signal integrity simulation and EMI simulation.

• three-dimensional display simulation results, which will help to find, understand and remove the wrong source.

• Intuitive three-dimensional display of PCB EMI maps, spatial field distribution. • Output S parameter or in-circuit emulator with the circuit element;

• Output different functions transformation, for EMI, microwave and other analog applications, would further contribute to observed from the perspective of a function of frequency.

• to achieve accurate simulation of magnetic material and insulation material.

• particularly suitable for situations with Apsim FDTD addressed:

1. A self-coupling characteristics of clock line alignment;

2. EMC to more intractable problem, Apsim FDTD diagram of a field, enabling engineers accurately locate EMC problems;

3. In the PCB-containing three-dimensional structure, the interaction of the lead with a line IC, vias or ground planes such;

4. When the prediction of high-frequency, three-dimensional structure of vias, wire, IC packaging and so the return currents.


• Maxmell solving equations in the time domain , using new algorithms that can handle big questions and get fine results.

• Use the new PML, not because of radiation on the border and affect accuracy.

• full-featured and intuitive simulation report.

• have a wider frequency range than any other a static two-dimensional , three-dimensional simulator, better accuracy.

• results are displayed graphically , easy to identify problems, spatial distribution is plotted as a function of a time- diagram.

Can be output at any time to field locations to the current and voltage function. This digital circuit design is ideal.