Product Details


Vehicle components/modules test chamber

The vehicle components/modules test chamber is a semi-anechoic chamber designed in accordance with the requirement of standard, which can be used to fulfill compatible radiation immunity test(ISO11452-2,SAEJ1113) and radiation emission test(CISPR25). Typically it includes the main anechoic chamber, shielding control room and amplifier room.

Product Overview

The newest CISPR25 standard is expected to be released soon, in which the test method and procedures are decided for site validation, our company can supply the vehicle components/modules test chamber can satisfy with the requirement of long wire method (LWM) in the standard. The ambient noise inside the chamber is 10dB below the Class 5 limit value in CISPR25, and the chamber can be used to do the radiated emission test. Inside the chamber all the internal surface will be covered with absorber except the ground floor, the layout and performance satisfy the regulation and requirement to the test area, for example the reflected energy in the test area is at least 10dB below than the direct energy, the radiated immunity test can be fulfilled inside the chamber according to the standard like ISO11452-2, SAEJ1113.

Reference Configuration

• The typical inner shielding size: 6 (length) × 5 (width) × 3.6m (high).

• Shielding structure: Using 'Smart Shield Twin Wall' which is the double shielding structure, from the inside to the outside in the order of below: the high-performance hybrid absorber(pyramid absorber plus ferrite tile), antiseptic plywood, shielding plates and standard shielded module, the conductive shielding gasket is used between two adjacent standard shielded module, to ensure the good RF shielding and electrical contact connection.

• Standard shielded module: typical size of 3m × 1m, the module using the 2mm thick double-sided galvanized steel sheet, and bending twice in four sides. The thickness of the double-sided galvanized steel sheet is thicker than 2mm, zinc coating thickness ≥20μm, and uniform thickness. Between modules, M10 screw will be used for connection, and the strength grade of the screws is 8 or above.

• Absorber structure: The low frequency absorber Ferrite tile (100mm × 100mm × 6.7mm) which consisting of nickel zinc ferromanganese material and high-performance hybrid absorber(pyramid absorber) will be used on the wall (available separately selected as desired); Absorber material can be covered with white cap for beautifying the environment and increase the brightness inside the chamber.

• Shielding Door: standard dimension door like 0.9m × 2m,1.2m x 2m, 1.5m x 2m, 2m x 2m can be ordered, other selectable larger dimension size, or other special size can also be designed according to the requirement. The type of the doors can be manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sliding door;

• Attenuvents: typical size of 30mm × 30mm (with flange), cut-off frequency is 40GHz, other size or shape can additionally be selected as desired.

• Raised floor: capacity of heavy loading area is 1 tons / m2, typical height is 20;

• Filter: Different type and rating of filter can be ordered for the power supply or signal filtering, for example AC380V, 220V, 110V, DC and signal filtering like network communications and telephone

• Video system: 1 sets of digital color surveillance systems is fixed to the wall

• Fire alarm system: high sensitivity air sampling and analysis system, in line with the relevant provisions of Chinese Ministry of Public Security fire products;

• Lighting system: halogen lights, the illuminant value at 1m above the ground is 250Lux