Anechoic chamber

First, the need to purchase

      With the increasing complexity of electronic products, including the ongoing work to improve the frequency, degree of miniaturization increases, the application of hybrid circuits, etc., makes the problem of signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility of products more and more prominent.

      Electronic product design in our design occupies a relatively heavy position. Although over the years our technical engineers in product design and explore a very rich experience of effective practice, but in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the rapid development of electronic technology and design requirements, our electronic products in the design and commissioning The difficulty is also increasing, especially in the localization problem diagnosis and solving aspects, such as problems caused by signal integrity caused by more and more, the product development process time for signal integrity debug and test the extension, It takes up a lot of the time our engineers, but the effect is not satisfactory.

      In front of the electromagnetic compatibility problems due to lack of appropriate test equipment, plus general engineer of EMC design and debugging is not mature and experienced, so now we have more difficulties exist in these areas are basically compare blind rule of thumb during the design and debug. With the increasing complexity of the product, the problem will become increasingly apparent.

      Now, we have products from digital circuits to analog circuits, from low frequency to high frequency circuit has circuits, large scale integrated circuits and high-speed CPU, ASIC and other high-speed devices have also been widely used. In the application of these integrated technologies, we have very clear experience that many aspects of the design have been unable to rely on our past experience, especially in testing electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity problems products, diagnostic, analysis, debugging, etc. especially. To improve the quality of existing products, reliability, stability, and in order to meet the design requirements of new products, the introduction of advanced design and test tools, engineers improve design environment of great necessity and urgency. Through extensive industry research, and based on the current situation in our design and test tools, we believe that: with the necessary design analysis software and the corresponding test equipment in signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility is to solve the current problem key.


Second, feasibility analysis

      Modern electronic product design concept is "as soon as possible to exclude possible hazards, first put to work." After the signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility has been progressively developed to advance in the detection process analysis and evaluation, pre-tested, pre-designed, that the design phase had to carry out targeted forecasting analysis, the latter part of the past used to develop and test measurements processing and rework remediation costs, arrangements designed to strengthen and advance prediction test in the past. But how can we achieve this goal?


In general, the development of a product includes the following phases:

¨ Design Previous: establishing basic idea, determine system performance, the overall design of the program;

¨ design stage: Entering the program implementation phase, including schematic design and PCB board design plans;

¨ commissioning period: conduct prototype testing, identify problems and design changes;

¨ verification of: a variety of inspection and testing certification, in order to ensure that the system meets the design requirements.

¨ system of FBI: Ensure that the system and the system can work properly.


Tools currently used to solve signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility issues on the market focused on the following aspects:

1. The early design phase of software simulation analysis, as soon as signal integrity and EMC simulation design, and exclude the potential occurrence of electromagnetic radiation.

2. Design of the mid-Detect, including diagnostics, locate and analyze signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility failure.

3. Late pre-test design, test the product thoroughly master the overall performance of the product, to ensure smooth by standard tests.

      In short, according to their combined characteristics of the product, take appropriate tool from the development stage to the final shape and to the FBI and other systems at different stages, methods and equipment, the signal integrity and EMC design capacity into the entire design process You will get a multiplier effect.


Third, the solution

First item: Apsim high quality PCB simulation software

      With the increase, the wiring density increases the system frequency and the large number of applications of mixed-signal circuits, for PCB design increasingly demanding. Design of high-speed digital and analog circuits for signal distortion needs special attention. There are various noises to make our product design principles and the actual test results often have different degrees of difference, does not bring the signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility and other issues. These noises are: crosstalk noise, vibration noise, noise reflux, radiated noise, reflection noise, transmission delay, ground / electrostrictive layer noise. Only when we design the simulation phase as much as possible to consider these factors, we can guarantee the correctness of design features.

      Apsim software for PCB and system design features described above, the introduction of a full range of SI (signal integrity), EMC / EMI (electromagnetic compatibility), PI (power integrity) simulation tools, and close integration with popular CAD systems for digital , analog, digital-analog hybrid circuit simulation. It can be completed after the PCB board layout, PCB board before take processing of PCB board signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility analysis, identify problems and can be revised to avoid the time and expense caused by the weight of the transcribing plate waste, which can shorten the product development cycle, saving development costs.